Rabbit and Small Mammal Desexing

Rabbit and guinea pigs should be desexed preventatively to help prevent medical and behavioural problems, especially in female rabbits to prevent uterine cancer. However, it is well known that these small pets are at more risks of anaesthetic issues compared to cats and dogs. In order to perform desexing procedures safely, the vets and nurse at PDSL have a special interest in rabbits/small mammal medicine and surgery, and have all undergone extra studies in such species, to not only help us with their procedures, but also the handling, feeding and care to make the experience as pain free and stress free for your little pet.

We have specialised anaesthetic protocols that have been proven to be extremely safe for rabbits and small mammals. We also have specialised anaesthetic monitoring equipment to assess multiple parameters whilst your pet is under anaesthesia to ensure it is as safe as possible. Lastly, we have dedicated rabbit and small mammal hospital wards including incubators and appropriate diets to ensure your pet is back up and eating as early as possible.

Post operatively animals would go home at a nurse discharge appointment where a nurse would explain the aftercare including demonstrations where necessary for all medication and feeding needs your pet may have and to answer any questions.

We also include a complimentary post op check 2-3 days after the operation is done to ensure things are going well.


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